Antenna and Microwave Laboratory (AML)

Developed antenna analysis, design, fabrication and measurement facility since joining in Fall 2006. The lab currently includes an Anechoic Chamber with far-field radiation pattern measurement system (800MHz to 40 GHz), Orbit F/R spectrum analysis program, Vector Network Analyzers (low MHz to 4.5GHz, 40 MHz to 18 GHz, and 40MHz to 40GHz), LPKF CAD milling machine, LPKF via plating system, surface mount component soldering station, various broadband horn antennas and near-field probes, in addition to the full wave analysis simulation tools (such as Ansys HFSS, and CST Microwave Studio, Altair FEKO, TICRA GRASP). Funding support came from the College of Engineering, NSF, and local industries.

A new addition is a mini-compact antenna test range (M-CATR) from 26.5 GHz to 110 GHz.  It includes a Keysight PNA. Funding support came from the DURIP 2016 (ONR), College of Engineering and local industries.

AML is located in the Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex in EIS 311. For more information about the lab, please contact Professor Sharma: [email protected].


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