Alternative and Renewable Energy Conversion and Integration:

Given the high demand for green energy technologies, our research aims at investigating efficient and reliable power conversion interfaces and control for integrating various alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and marine wave. Areas of interest include development and analysis of suitable and cost-effective converter topologies along with efficient and reliable controller to bridge the energy source to the grid with enhanced performance of energy extraction under different working conditions.


Energy Management and Control for Smart Microgrids:

Microgrids are modern and small-scale versions of the centralized electricity system. Smart microgrids are ideal way to integrate renewable resources on the community level and allow for customer participation in the electricity enterprise which require intelligent and efficient energy management and control schemes. This research is focused on different aspects of microgrid such as microgrid modeling and dynamic characteristics, stability, reliability, control strategies, power management,, optimization, and designing intelligent power electronics converters to improve microgrid power quality.


Electric/Hybrid-Electric and Plug-in Vehicles:

Advanced power electronics technologies are essential to electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Improvements in these technologies can substantially reduce the consumption of fossil fuel in transportation and help protecting environment. This research includes different aspects of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles such as regenerative technologies,  efficient charging infrastructure, grid integration, and energy storage. 


Smart Lighting :

LED (light emitting diode) lighting systems are now attracting more and more attention since it is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. To this end, new intelligent lighting systems using LED are investigated in this research.


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