Undergraduate Master Plans & MyMaps


Starting Fall 2021, SDSU will be implementing the 120-unit curriculum policy. If the student is admitted prior to December 2021, regardless of which catalog year they were admitted, and will be graduating on or after December 2021, the student can elect to follow the 120-unit curriculum.

Prerequisites for the Major

Prior to filing a master plan, the student should have completed all of the prerequisites for the major and been accepted into the major. The prerequisites for the major and criteria are listed below:

Complete with a grade of C (2.0) or better:   Have an overall cumulative GPA of:
  Computer Engineering 160      2.1 for catalog years prior to 2015
  Electrical Engineering 210     2.5 for catalog years 2015-Spring 2017
  Mathematics 150, 151     2.7 for Fall 2017 and thereafter
  Physics 195, 196    

The prerequisite courses for the major cannot be taken for credit/no credit (Cr/NC)

Once all of the prerequisites for the major have been completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better, the university will automatically switch the student from the "pre-major" to the "major" status. At this point, the student will be able to enroll in major coded courses.

Master Plans

The master plan provides an advising record for both the computer and electrical engineering majors and should be initiated by the student with their faculty advisor during the first semester of the junior year. All students must have a master plan on file in the department prior to enrollment in Electrical Engineering 410. The prerequisites for Electrical Engineering 410 are Electrical Engineering 300 and 310 with a grade of C- or better in both courses and have a master plan on file. To get the master plan prior to Fall 2021, please contact Robin Shimasaki at [email protected].

Master Plans for Fall 2021

2021 Master Plan Computer Engineering
2021 Master Plan Electrical Engineering

IMPORTANT:  Current students who already have a master plan on file and will be graduating on or after December 2021 but, elect to follow the 120-unit curriculum, must file the new Fall 2021 master plan. Master plans need to be submitted to Robin Shimasaki at [email protected].

To view the list of major advisors please visit https://advising.sdsu.edu/advising/seeing_an_adviser/major_adviser_directory

MyMaps for Fall 2021

The MyMap is a guideline created to help students navigate the course requirements for their majors and to identify which General Education course will also fulfill a major preparation course requirement.

2021 MyMap Computer Engineering
2021 MyMap Electrrical Engineering

For previous MyMaps visit MyMap at http://www.sdsu.edu/mymap for the recommended courses needed to fulfill your major requirements.