Alumni & Friends


We remember you! San Diego State engineering alumni are a brilliant bunch, with a track record of impressive accomplishments to prove it. You make us proud, and we hope the feeling is mutual.

Why not come home to the Mesa and see how the College of Engineering has changed since “back in the day?” Of course we still deliver the same world-class education you experienced here, but you may be surprised to learn how much we’ve grown, how many degree programs and international study opportunities we offer students these days, and what incredible research projects we’re pursuing.

We’ve tried to give you a good overview here on the website, but nothing beats seeing progress in action first-hand. We invite you to start your visit at the recently completed Parma-Payne-Goodall Alumni Center, your new home on campus. Don’t worry about parking; there’s plenty in the structure next door. We also suggest signing up for a VIP tour if you’d like an up-close-and-personal look at SDSU programs and facilities.

We suspect once you catch the excitement you’ll want to be more involved. Here are a few ways alumni can make a difference:

  • Hire our students. We’re always looking for great  internships and career placement opportunities.
  • Volunteer as a Project Lead the Way mentor to middle- and high-school teachers who are learning how to introduce their students to engineering.
  • Support one of our 28 student organizations such as the SAE Formula Car competition team or Engineers Without Borders, working to resolve International humanitarian challenges.
  • Come back to SDSU by attending alumni events,becoming an Aztec for Life and joining us for College-sponsored get-togethers!
  • And please consider supporting the College of Engineering with a generous financial gift. We’ll use your contribution to fund scholarships, student projects, special educational events, and international experiences for our students, just to name a few. 

Please use our Alumni Update page or drop us an email to keep your contact info current and catch us up on your news, professional and/or personal. It’s always good to hear from you!