Chris Mi

  Dr. Chris Mi

  Professor and Chair
  Graduate Advisor - MEngr
  Office: E-426A
  (619) 594-3741


     Research Areas 

     Power Electronics and Electric Drives 
     Battery Management Systems 
     Wireless Power Transfer

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  Dr. Baris Aksanli 
  Assistant Professor
  Office: E-101A
  (619) 594-2257
     Research Areas 
     Embedded Systems

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Amirhossein Alimohammad
  Dr. Amir Alimohammad
  Associate Professor
  Office: E-403E
  (619) 594-2493
     Research Areas 
     Digital VLSI

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Ashkan Ashrafi
  Dr. Ashkan Ashrafi 
  Associate Professor
  Office: E-410A
  (619) 594-3703

     Research Areas
     Digital Signal Processing 
     Biomedical Signal Processing 
     Estimation Theory

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Ramon Betancourt
  Dr. Ramon Betancourt 

  Associate Professor
  Office: AH-3124
  (619) 594-4879
     Research Areas

     Power Systems


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Ege Engin
  Dr. A. Ege Engin 
  Office: E-403H
  (619) 594-2726

     Research Areas 
     Electromagnetic Interference 
     Signal Integrity

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Madhu Gupta
  Dr. Madhu Gupta
  Office: E-403C
  (619) 594-7015

     Research Areas 
     RF Electronics and Wireless 

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Ke Huang
  Dr. Ke Huang 
  Associate Professor
  Office: E-202B
  (619) 594-7792

     Research Areas 

     VLSI, Machine Learning 
     Data Mining
     Computer Aided Design

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 Sunil Kumar   Dr. Sunil Kumar 
  Office: EIS-308
  (619) 594-7012
     Research Areas
     S-Aware Wireless Networks 
     Error Resilient Video Compression 
     Multimedia Communication 
     Image Processing
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Saeed Manshadi
  Dr. Saeed Manshadi 
  Assistant Professor
  Office: E-202D
  (619) 594-3139
     Research Areas 
     Interdisciplinary Problems in
     Smart Grid, Power Systems,
     Optimization, Machine Learning
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Santosh Nagaraj
  Dr. Santosh Nagaraj 
  Associate Professor
  Office: E-403D
  (619) 594-7154
     Research Areas 
     Communication Systems

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Duy Nguyen
  Dr. Duy H. N. Nguyen
  Assistant Professor
  Office: E-408
  (619) 594-2430
     Research Areas 
     Wireless Communication

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Yusuf Ozturk
  Dr. Yusuf Ozturk 
  Office: EIS-316
  (619) 594-4550

     Research Areas 
     Mobile Computing 
     Wireless Networks

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Chris Paolini
  Dr. Christopher Paolini 
  Assistant Professor
  Office: E-411
  (619) 594-7159
     Research Areas 
     Machine Learning
     Embedded Systems
     Internet of Things Device Development
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Reza Sabzehgar
  Dr. Reza Sabzehgar 
  Associate Professor
  Office: E-101B
  (619) 594-7791

     Research Areas

     Power Electronics 
     Smart Grid 
     Renewable Energies

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Mahasweta Sarkar
  Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar 

  Graduate Advisor - MSEE
  Office: E-202C
  (619) 594-7797
     Research Areas 

     Wireless Data Networks 
     Wireless Health 
     Green Networks

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Sridhar Seshagiri
  Dr. Sridhar Seshagiri 
  Associate Professor
  Office: E-403G
  (619) 594-1960
     Research Areas 
     Nonlinear Control 
     Applications to Energy Systems

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Satish Sharma
  Dr. Satish K. Sharma 
  Office: EIS-306
  (619) 594-0241
     Research Areas 

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  Dr. Andrew Szeto, P.E. 

  Office: E-302J
  (619) 594-4259
     Research Areas

     Rehabilitation Electronics 
     Biomedical Engineering

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Ying-Khai Teh
  Dr. Ying-Khai Teh
  Assistant Professor
  Office: E-202E
  (619) 594-2436
     Research Areas 

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Hakan Töreyin
  Dr. Hakan Töreyin
  Assistant Professor
  Office: E-409
  (619) 594-0795
     Research Areas 
     Electr & Sys Design for Biomed Apps
     Real-Time Signal Processing
     Translational Research
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Lal Tummala
  Dr. R. Lal Tummala 

  Office: E-412
  (619) 594-7045

     Research Areas 

     Control, Robotics
     Embedded Systems

Lal Tummala
  Dr. Junfei Xie
  Assistant Professor
  Office: E-403B
  (619) 594-2068

      Research Areas 

      Large-Scale Dyn Sys Design & Control 
      Unmanned Aerial Systems
      Airborne Networks

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