Signal Processing


This area is founded based on a premise to handle signals in digital machines. Therefore, in this area discrete signals and systems are studied. These systems have significantly impacted our lives in such a way that life without digital devices such as computers, compact disks (CD’s), mp3 players and many others is hard to imagine. Needless to say that Signal Processing is one of the fastest growing research areas in Electrical Engineering and it provides numerous services to the other areas such as Wireless Communications, Audio Engineering, Image Processing, Biomedical Engineering and even Genetics. Students with strong background in Signal Processing can find numerous job opportunities in several multidisciplinary areas.

Faculty Members: 

Dr. Ashkan Ashrafi

Frequency Synthesizers, Orthogonal Signals and Transforms, Genomic Signal Processing and Variable Structure Systems

Dr. Sunil Kumar

Image Processing, Image/Video Compression (e.g., JPEG2000, MPEG-4 and H.264 AVC), and Machine Llearning Techniques with Applications in Bioinformatics.

Dr. Santosh Nagaraj

Application of Information Theory to Data Compression


Research Groups:

Communication Systems and Signal Processing Institute

Signal Processing Research Group

Multimedia and Wireless Networks Research Group