Electromagnetic Systems


This area concerns the physical principles and technologies based on (a) electromagnetic fields and waves, and (b) quantum phenomena.  The former are the basis of radio frequency (RF) and microwave technology, antennas, and wave propagation, that are employed for the transport and processing of information in diverse systems for sensing, wired and wireless communication, navigation, instrumentation, power and computational applications.  The latter underlie optoelectronics, nanotechnology and microelectronics, and are useful in the design and physical implementation of nano-, microelectronic and photonic materials, devices, components, circuits, and subsystems, deployed in a wide variety of applications.

 Faculty Members:

Dr. Ege Engin

Signal Integrity in RF Electronic Systems and Electronic Packaging

Dr. Satish Sharma Design, Characterization, and Applications of Antennas


Research Groups:

Communication Systems and Signal Processing Institute