Room Laboratory Coordinator Course Information Level
Course Number Undergrad Graduate Research
E-101H Electrical Engineering Conversion Dr. R. Betancourt EE 380L X    
E-202F Engineering Electronics Lab & Electronic Circuits Lab B. Dorr EE 330L, 430L X    
E-202G Circuit Analysis Lab Dr. P. Kaveh EE 210L X    
E-207 Embedded Systems Dr. B. Aksanli COMPE 375 X    
E-217 Senior Projects K. Arnold COMPE/EE 496 A & B X    
E-218 VLSI Design and Test Lab Dr. Amir Alimohammad Research   X X
E-219 Embedded Systems Dr. B. Aksanli Research   X X
E-219 Wireless Communication Dr. D. Nguyen Research   X X
E-302A High Frequency Electronics Dr. M. Gupta Research     X
E-302D Antenna and Microwave Engineering Dr. S. Sharma EE 540L, EE 740 X X X
E-302F Communication Systems Dr. S. Nagaraj Research   X X
E-302F Wireless Communication Networks Dr. M. Sarkar Research   X X
E-302G Service Lab Radar Calibration Dr. R. L. Tummala Research   X X
E-302J Rehabilitation & Biomedical Electronics Dr. A. Szeto EE 502, EE 503   X X
E-403A Signal Processing Research Lab Dr. A. Ashrafi Research   X X
E-403B Reliable VLSI Circuit Lab Dr. K. Huang Research   X X
EIS-211 Smart Biomedical Systems (Sigma) Lab Dr. H. Töreyin Research   X X
EIS-311 Wireless Research Lab Dr. S. Kumar Research   X X
EIS-311 Antenna and Microwave Engineering Dr. S. Sharma Research   X X
EIS-322 Mobile Computing Dr. Y. Ozturk Research   X X