Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineers solve problems through the skillful application of mathematics and science. They design useful products such as cellular telephones, high definition TVs that show lifelike pictures, and imaging systems that allow physicians to look inside the human body without performing surgery. Electrical engineers also design systems for the generation and distribution of power that lights our homes, operates our factories, and runs our household appliances. Working in teams, electrical engineers fabricate complex, tiny components that are used in computers, sensors, stereo systems, weather satellites, automobiles, modern appliances, and automated factories.

B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering students face many challenging classes. They take lower level courses in calculus, physics, chemistry, and electrical circuits. During the second and third year at SDSU, electrical engineering students are exposed to specific courses in the major. Upper division classes are more satisfying because they put theory into practice. Courses such as analog and digital circuit design, electronic materials, power systems, control systems, communication systems and electromagnetics will immerse students into the electrical engineering field. The most interesting classes will probably be those technical electives chosen by each student. Some of the electives offered are VLSI design (i.e., designing microchips), biomedical instrumentation, microwave transmission, communication systems, digital signal processing, microprocessors, multi-media programming, power systems design and analysis, optical electronics and computer networks. In fact, among the four engineering departments, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers the most flexibility with regard to elective courses.

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