Current and Past Members of the AML

Department Adjunct Faculty Mentoring

      Dr. Jia-Chi S. Chieh (May 2018—Current)
  Dr. Sima Noghanian (May 2019—May 2021)

Post-Doctoral Fellow/Visiting Researcher Mentoring

      Dr. Sanghamitro Das (Nov 10, 2020—Continue)
  Dr. Kaushik Debbarma (August 10, 2021—Continue)
  Dr. Patrizia Livreri (Nov 15, 2021—Continue)
  Dr. Shiv Narayan (Feb 2020-May 2020)
  Dr. Sima Noghanian (July 2018-Feb 2019)
  Dr. Xinhua Yu (Feb 2017 to Feb 2018)
  Dr. Guangli Yang (July 2016 to Sept 2016)
  Dr. Meng Fanji (June 20, 2013—1 Year)
  Dr. Kumud Ranjan Jha (September 25, 2013—1 Year)
  Dr. Santanu K. Behera (One month)
  Dr. H.-G. Cho (Aug 2008—1 Year)

Graduate Student Advising

Current and Graduated Ph.D. Students

     1.     Rudraishwarya Banerjee (Started Fall 2018—): Flat Panel Phased Array Antennas (CSRC-UCI JDP)
      2.   Ghanshyam Mishra (Graduated, Fall 2020): Analysis, Computation, and Design of Innovative High Gain Feed-Reflector and Beam Steering Antenna Solutions (CSRC-UCI JDP)
  3.   Behrouz Babakhani (Graduated, Fall 2016): Wideband Frequency Agile Antenna with Simultaneous Polarization Reconfiguration for Beam Steering Array Antenna Applications (CSRC-Claremont JDP)
         4.   Nathan R. Labadie (Graduated, Spring 2015): A Novel Approach to Beam Steering Using Arrays Composed of Multiple Unique Radiating Modes (SDSU-UCSD JDP)


Visiting Ph.D. Students

     5.    Sonika Biswal (IIT Dhanbad, India: One year duration, 2019—2020): Multiband and 5G Antennas
      6.   Biswajit Dwivedy (NIT Rourkela, India, 2015): Reconfigurable Dielectric Resonator Antennas and Arrays
  7.   Runa Kumari (NIT Rourkela, India, 2014): Reconfigurable Dielectric Resonator Antennas and Arrays
  8.   Yogesh Choukiker (NIT Rourkela, India, 2013): MIMO Planar Antennas


Current Graduate (MS) Students

     9.    Amine Nassif: To be done
  10.   Nhat Truong (EE797 Fall, 2021—): Miniaturized Antenna and Triple Mode Feedhorn
  11.   Gabriel Duran (EE797 Fall 2021—): Rotman Lens Multiple Beam Antennas
  12.   Joseph Tallo (EE797 Fall 2021—): Butler Matix Multiple Beam Antenna
  13.   Connor Laffey (Spring 2020—): Multiple Mode Antennas for Null Steering
       14.   Sherry Wagner (Spring 2019—):Transparent Antennas (Completed 3 units of research, Project)
  15.   Azzam Tabbal (Spring 2017—): High Gain 3D Printed Antennas (Completed 6 units of research) 
  16.   Tyler Reid (Spring 2017—): Design of 60GHz Antenna Array in LTCC and HTCC for 5G Applications (Completed 6 units of research)
  17.   Asmita Chougule: Lens Based High Gain Antenna (Completed 6 units of research)


Graduated MS Thesis Students

       18.    Allen Castro (Spring 2017): Novel Antenna Designs Using 3D Printing and Inkjet Printing Technologies
  19.   Anthony Wang (Spring 2017): Frequency Reconfigurable Antennas as Multiple Input Multiple Output Antennas for Portable and Handheld Devices
  20.   Abhishek Singh (Fall 2009): Investigations on Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antenna and Arrays on Finite Ground Plane
  21.   Alex R. Moody (Spring 2010): Investigations on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Planar Monopole Antennas with Unidirectional Patterns by Employing Planar and Pyramidal Shaped Reflectors
  22.   Anup N. Kulkarni (Spring 2012): Investigation on Compact Internal Antenna Solutions for Future 4G LTE Wireless Devices with MIMO Implementation
  23.   Anubhava Jain (Spring 2009): Performance of Microstrip Patch Antennas and Arrays on Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures
  24.   Ashish Tuteja (Spring 2010): Investigations on Dual Band Orthogonally Polarized and Multimode Reconfigurable Corrugated Choke Feed Horn Antennas
  25.   Bhakti Joshi (Fall 2014): Design of Multiband Antenna for Portable Devices with MIMO Implementation
  26.   Balamurugan Shanmugam (Spring 2012): Investigations and Performance of a Cavity Backed Novel modified Balun Free Archimedean Spiral Antenna and Planar Array Implementation
  27.   Christopher Meagher (Fall 2008): Investigations on Wideband Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Patch Antennas and Arrays Employing Spaced Dielectric Covers for Enhanced Gain Performance
  28.   Daria Lane (Fall 2015): Inkjet Printed Ultra-Wide Bandwidth (UWB) Antenna on Flexible PET Aubstrate Materials for Body Wearable Applications
  29.   Dave West (Spring 2014): Frequency Reconfigurable Compact Multiband Quasi-Log Periodic Dipole Array (QLPDA) Antenna for Wireless Communications
  30.   Eleonora Tryosi (Exchange Student, Univ of Pavia, Italy, 2010)): Design and Experimental Verification of Frequency Reconfigurable Circularly Polarized Patch Antennas, (Advisors: Prof. Luca Perregrini, and Prof. S. K. Sharma)
  31.   Elias Mireles (Fall 2011): Investigations and Design Of UHF (860-960 MHz) Band Novel Reader Antenna and Tag Antenna Mountable on Metallic Objects for Universal RFID Applications
  32.   Hao-Lung Chu (Fall 2018): Investigations and Design of Wideband Dual Linear Polarized Massive MIMO Panel Array Antenna for 5G Communication Applications
  33.   Henk Visser (Spring 2013): Multiband Microstrip Slot Antenna with Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) Implementation for Handheld Devices
  34.   Ila Agnihotri (Started Fall 2017—Spring 2020): Millimeter Wave 3D Printed Waveguide Polarizer and Feedhorn Antennas
  35.   Jennifer Taylor Rayno (Summer 2012): Design and Analysis of Frequency Reconfigurable Compact Spirograph Planar Monopole Antenna (SPMA) Elements for a Beam Scanning Array
  36.   Joshua Patin (Spring 2011): Design and Analysis of a Compact Dielectric Resonator Circularly Polarized Antenna and Four Resonator Bandpass Filter at Ku-Band for Satellite Communications Applications
  37.   Justin Church (Fall 2009): Investigations on the Sierpinski Fractal Microstrip Antenna for Wideband Radiation Performance by Employing Novel Feed Mechanisms
  38.   Kirthika Nahalingam (Spring 2011): A Comparison of Omni-Directional Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Microstrip Pentagon Slot and Directional Wideband ψ-Shape Microstrip Patch Antennas for the Microwave Detection of Breast Tumors
  39.   Manveer K. Brar (Fall 2011): Investigations on Aperture Coupled Pentagon Shape Dielectric Resonator Antennas and Arrays with Wideband and Multiband Responses for Wireless Communications
  40.   Mehak Garg (Summer 2012): Performance of a Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Controllable Wideband and Monopole Like Omni-Directional Radiation Patterns and Beam Focusing Properties of Circular Array Implementation
  41.   Mohana Vamsi Komandla (Spring 2017): Investigations on High Impedance Surface (HIS) Based Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna and Cavity Backed Dual Slant Polarized Massive MIMO Antenna with Beamforming
  42.   Mukund Thyagarajan (Fall 2012): Performance of Reflector Antennas by Employing Triple Mode Feedhorn and a Frequency Reconfigurable Spiral Loaded Planar Dipole Antenna
  43.   Nathan R. Labadie (Fall 2009): Investigations on Novel Volumetric Metamaterial Structures at Microwave Frequencies for Antenna Applications
  44.   Ningning Luo (Fall 2019): Exchange Student, School of Information and Communication, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, China: One year duration): Millimeter Wave Dual Circular Polarized Feedhorn Antenna
  45.   Omar Flores, (Summer 2019): Low Noise Amplifier RFIC Design Using SiGe
  46.   Pankaj Dagar (Fall 2013): Compact Wide-Bandpass Filters Implemented Using Defected Ground Planes
  47.   Phil Tran (Spring 2016): An Archimedean Spiral Antenna with Dielectric Loading Providing Directional Radiation Patterns Using a Novel Shape 3D Printed Ground Structures
  48.   Rafid Damman (Spring 2016): Design of Frequency Tunable Compact Antenna and Millimeter to Terahertz Array Antennas
  49.   Rahul Bakshi (Summer 2010): Investigations on Frequency Agile Behavior of Narrowband and Wideband Microstrip Patch Antennas by Employing Variable Height Ground Planes
  50.   Roshin Rose George (Summer 2017): Wideband Circularly Polarized High Gain Fixed and Steered Beam Antennas at Ku-band and Feed Horn at Millimeter Wave Frequencies
  51.   Ryan Bartsch (Spring 2017): Design and Development of Reconfigurable Multi-Element Microstrip Frequency Agile Antenna Array
  52.   Sandhya Krishna (Fall 2018): 5G Millimeter-Wave Technology Based Massive MIMO Base Station and Access Point Designs with 1D Beam Steering Series-Fed Planar Microstrip Patch Array Antennas with Through Element Technology at Ka-band (27.5 GHz- 28.35 GHz)
  53.   Shiv K. Varanasi (Fall 2010): Investigations on Cavity Backed Microstrip Patch Antennas with Enhanced Performance for Wireless Communication Applications
  54.   Sunil Rajgopal (Spring 2008): Ultra-Wideband Pentagon Shape Planar Microstrip Slot Antenna and Array for Wireless Communications
  55.   Tavis Hall (Spring 2016): Modified PIFA Antennas with Single and Dual Bands for MIMO Implementations on Cylindrical Ground Plane
  56.   Treasa Hlaing (Fall  2014): Novel Multiband Annular Ring Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patch Antennas In MIMO Implementation for Wireless Routers
  57.   Tuan Q. Tran (Fall 2010): Performance of Single Layer Multimode Concentric Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Reconfigurable Radiation Patterns


M. Eng. Students

     58.    Amar Lingineni (Spring 2010): Effective Technical and Management Planning for Implementing WiMAX 
  59.   Anusha Kalikonda (Summer 2013): Body Wearable Antennas: Investigations of Wideband Microstrip E-shape Patch Array Antenna on Curved Surfaces
  60.   Jason Thomas (Fall 2011): Design of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System in the 430MHz Band for Soccer Goal Line Situations
  61.   Kiran Thota (Fall 2008): Impact of RFID’s in Theft Prevention for Retail Industry
  62.   Samer Hamade (Spring 2015): Microstrip Array Antennas with Circular Polarization for Ku-Band Trasmit/Receive Communications


Undergraduate Students Mentoring

   63.   Helena Clavin (May 2021—Continue): Vivaldi Antennas
  64.   Nhat Truong (March 2020—August, 2021): Planar Array Antennas
  65.   Andrew Valdivia (May 2020—Dec 2020): Wideband Antennas
  66.   Mark Navarro (May 2019—): Multiband Antennas
  67.   Rasha Shayya (May 2019—): 3D Printed Antennas
  68.   Nicholas Farrela (June 2019—): Multiband RF Microwave Filters
  69.   Dane Fairchild (Oct 2018—May 2019): 5G Communication Antennas and Beamforming
  70.   Philip T. Ngyuen (June 2018—): Waveguide Polarizers and Beamforming Networks
     71.   Tommy Khoury (June 2018—May 2019): Miniaturized Antennas and Antenna Integration Issues
  72.   Connor Laffey (June 2018—): 3D Printed Array Antennas
  73.   Layth Hozi (June—August 2017): Rectangular Patch Antenna Simulation, Fabrication and Measurements
  74.    Alejandro "Allen" Castro (Fall, 2012—August 2015): Ultra-Wide Bandwidth (UWB) Planar Monopole Antennas
  75.   Arturo Morales (Summer and Fall 2009): Microstrip Antenna for Breast Cancer Detection
  76.   Danierick Gomes (Exchange student from Brazil: Summer 2015—August 2015): Substrate Integrated Horn Antennas
  77.   Margie Ramos (Summer and Fall 2009): Microstrip Antenna for Breast Cancer Detection
  78.   Michael Hlavaty (Summer 2011): Printed Antenna for Portable Devices
  79.   Treasa Hlaing (Summer and Fall 2010): Wideband and Ultra-Wideband Antennas for Breast Cancer Detection
  80.   Rafid Damman (Summer and Fall 2011 and Spring 2012): Linear Microstrip Array Antenna with Wide Bandwidth for Beam Scan Performance
  81.   Sean Fernandez (Spring, Summer, Fall 2012, and Spring 2013): Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Multiband Planar Antennas for Wireless Routers
  82.   Felipe Fideles (Exchange student from Brazil: Summer and Fall 2012): Radiation Pattern Reconfigurable Planar Yagi-Uda Antenna
  83.   Christian Rempel (Exchange student from Brazil: Summer 2012): Wideband Beam Steering Antennas
  84.   Jack Powell (Summer 2013—Fall 2013): Effect of Via and Metal Conductivities on Multiple Radiating Modes Microstrip Patch Antennas


Student Awards

   1.   2021 USNC-URSI Travel Fellowship Grant Award, Boulder Colorado (Virtual): Rudraishwarya Banerjee
  2.   2020 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society’s Honorable Mention Award, Student Paper Contest (SPC): Ghanshyam Mishra
  3.   2020 Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES)’s Student Paper Finalist: Sonika Biswal and Ghanshyam Mishra
  4.   2019-2020 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Doctoral Research Grant: Ghanshyam Mishra
  5.   2019 EMTS Young Scientist Award: Ghanshyam Mishra
  6.   2019 California State University Chancellor’s Awards: Ghanshyam Mishra
  7.   2019 USNC-URSI Travel Fellowship Grant Award, Boulder Colorado, USA: Ghanshyam Mishra
  8.   University Graduate Fellowship 2019/2020 of San Diego State University: Rudraishwarya Banerjee
   9.   University Graduate Fellowship 2018/2019 of San Diego State University: Ghanshyam Mishra and Ila Agnihotri
  10.   Tioga Research Award for outstanding poster and oral presentation, ACSESS 2018, San Diego: Ghanshyam Mishra
  11.   Director’s Award for Outstanding Poster and Presentation, ACSESS 2017, San Diego: Ghanshyam Mishra
  12.    2017 USNC-URSI Travel Fellowship Grant Award, Boulder Colorado, USA: Roshin R. George
  13.   IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society, Student Paper Contest, Honorable Mention Award, 2016, Puerto Rico, USA: Behrouz Babakhani
  14.   2016 USNC-URSI Travel Fellowship Grant Award, Boulder, Colorado, USA: Alejandro Castro
  15.   USNC-URSI Student Travel Awards, IEEE APS-URSI symposium, 2016, Vancouver, Canada: Behrouz Babakhani
      16.   EEE Antenna and Propagation-Society Harold A. Wheeler Prize Paper Award, 2015 (N. Labadie, S. K. Sharma, and G. Rebeiz, “A Circularly Polarized Multiple Radiating Modes Microstrip Antenna with Beam Peak and Null Steering Satellite Receive Applications”, IEEE Trans Antennas and Propagation, USA, Vol. 62, No. 7, July 2014, pp. 3490-3500)
  17.   Los Alamos award for Outstanding Poster and Presentation, ACSESS 2014, San Diego: Behrouz Babakhani
  18.   Student Paper Finalist and Young Scientist Travel Grant, IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, 2012, Nagoya, Japan: Nathan Labadie
  19.   Student Paper Contest (SPC) Finalists (based on double blind review), IEEE International Antennas & Propagation Society Symposium and USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting to be held from July 3-8, 2011, Spokane, WA, USA: Balamurugan Shanmugam
  20.   College of Engineering, The Dean's Award in Student Research Symposium 2011: Nathan Labadie
  21.   CLASTECH 2010: K. Nahalingam, A. Kulkarni, and E. Mireles (Jointly 1st Prize)
  22.   College of Engineering, The Dean's Award in Student Research Symposium 2009: Alex R. Moody
  23.   CLASTECH 2009, Nathan Labadie, 1st Prize
  24.   CLASTECH 2008, Christopher Meagher, 2nd Prize
  25.   College of Engineering, The Dean's Award in Student Research Symposium 2008: Christopher Meagher


Sharma Group w/masks

Left to Right: Mr. N. Truong, Prof. Satish K. Sharma, Ms. R. Banerjee, Ms. H. Clavin, Mr. C. Laffey and Dr. S. Das
Photo Courtesy: Dr. S. Das


Sharma Group wo masks

Left to Right: Dr. S. Das, Mr. A. Nassif, Ms. R. Banerjee, Prof. Satish K. Sharma, Dr. P. Livreri, Ms. H. Clavin, Mr. J. Tallo,
Dr. K. Debbarma and Mr. N. Troung
Photo Courtesy: Dr. S. Das