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Junfei Xie

Dr. Junfei Xie Receives the NSF Career Award

Dr. Junfei Xie, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, received the NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, which is the NSF’s most prestigious award for early-career faculty. The title of the project supported by this award is "Towards Networked Airborne Computing in Uncertain Airspace: A Control and Networking Facilitated Distributed Computing Framework". This 5-year project aims to develop an innovative theoretical framework to enable networked airborne computing, which relies on the airborne network formed by aerial vehicles with direct flight-to-flight communication links to achieve computing in the air. Findings from this project will have broad applications to next-generation air traffic control, Internet of Things, mobile edge computing, etc.

Click Drones that Can Calculate, Communicate and Solve Complex Problems for the SDSU NewsCenter article.

Sweta Sarkar

Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar Receives the 2021 Diversity Excellence Award

The Diversity Excellence Awards recognize faculty, staff and alumni / community members who have shown an exemplary commitment to diversity, inclusion and social justice. Nominees were evaluated for their quality and their contribution to diversity and social justice.

Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She received her doctorate degree from University of California, San Diego. After a brief stint as a senior scientist in SPAWAR Lab, Point Loma, Dr. Sarkar joined SDSU as a tenure-track faculty member in August 2006. Dr. Sarkar's research interest lies in the area of wireless data networks. She has published over 95 research articles in technical journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. She is the Director of the NSF funded Wireless Networks Research Group at SDSU where she leads a team of Ph.D. and Masters students along with post-doctoral scholars, visiting faculty and PhD students from various countries. Dr. Sarkar is the recipient of the President’s Leadership award at SDSU in 2010 for her excellence in research and the Outstanding Faculty Award in 2014 for her excellence in teaching. In her role as the Co-Director of Education in the NSF funded Engineering Research Center (Center for Neurotechnology), she conducts extensive outreach programs in building the next generation of women scientists and those from underrepresented communities. She is currently the Chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee in the College of Engineering at SDSU and serves as the College’s liaison to the University’s DDI Council.


Chris Paolini

Dr. Christopher Paolini - Sustainable Horizons Institute Article

The Sustainable Horizons Institute has featured the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor, Dr. Christopher Paolini, in their feature story, "SRP: Creating Opportunities for Breakthrough Collaborations". To read the full article, click on SRP: Creating Opportunities for Breakthrough Collaborations.

Dr. PaulPaul Stuverud Stuverud Makes $50,000 Gift for Scholarship

The College of Engineering, is pleased to announce that alumnus Paul Stuverud, ’71 BSEE and ’76 MSEE, has made an additional $50,000 gift to the endowed scholarship fund “Paul Stuverud MESA Endowed Scholarship” he created in 2019.  Grateful for his SDSU education that launched a successful career working in integrated circuit design, Paul hopes that his generosity can ease the financial burden of students today.  Paul first started giving to the College shortly after he completed his Master’s degree in 1976, supporting the College with annual gifts. Some 50 years later, Paul used his IRA Rollover to establish the fund and provide additional support.

The following link is to a “Where Are They Now” donor story that the College did when Paul established the fund in 2019: .

The College is grateful to all those who provide much needed philanthropic support. If you know of anyone who might have an interest in supporting the College, please contact Kate Carinder, Senior Director of Development, College of Engineering at: [email protected].


Dr. Amir Alimohammad Receives the Sydney R. Parker Best Paper AwardAmir Alimohammad

Dr. Amir Alimohammad, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and his former graduate student, Uday Korat, received the Sydney R. Parker Best Paper Award in the area of Signal Processing for their journal article entitled "A Reconfigurable Hardware Architecture for Principal Component Analysis", published in Springer Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing.

Dr. Reza Sabzehgar Awarded the Best Paper Award at IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC) 2020Reza Sabzehgar

Dr. Reza Sabzehgar, associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, along with co-authors S. Heydari, P. Fajri, and M. Shadmand received the Best Paper Award at IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC2020)  for their paper on "Maximizing Harvested Energy through Regenerative Braking Process in Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive Electric Vehicles". This paper introduces a braking strategy for a dual-motor all-wheel drive electric vehicle that maximizes energy extraction during braking. The braking strategy is based on real-time sensing of each motor controller’s DC link current to achieve optimum brake allocation between friction and regenerative braking in both axles.

JoPeggy & Eric Johnson Gifthnsons Make Gift to Endow fred harris Chair in DSP

We are pleased to announce that Peggy (BSEE 1985) and Eric Johnson (MSEE 1986) have made a $3,100,000 gift to name and endow the fred harris Chair in Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

Professor Emeritus fred harris started his more than 50 year career at SDSU in 1967 teaching DSP and Communication Systems courses. He is internationally renowned in Electrical Engineering and holds over 35 patents on digital receiver and DSP technology. He is the co-inventor of the Blackman-Harris Window.

Peggy is CEO of Magic Leap, a spatial computing company. Eric is an angel investor. They met at SDSU. Grateful for their SDSU education, fred’s inspiration and life-long friendship, they made the naming gift in his honor.

If you happen to see Peggy, Eric or fred at a community event, an industry meeting or online, please feel free to express appreciation on behalf of the College.

The College of Engineering is grateful for all those who provide much needed philanthropic support. If you or someone you know is interested in making a gift to the College, please reach out to Kate Carinder, SDSU Senior Director of Development at: [email protected].

Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar Awarded the Fulbright FellowshipSweta Sarkar

Dr. Sarkar, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been awarded a fellowship under the Fulbright Specialist program, established by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). This program pairs highly qualified U.S. academics and professionals with host institutions abroad to share their expertise, strengthen institutional linkages, hone their skills, gain international experience, and learn about other cultures while building capacity at their overseas host institutions. Fulbright Specialists, who represent a wide range of professional and academic disciplines, are competitively selected to join the Fulbright Specialist Roster based on their knowledge, skill sets, and ability to make a significant contribution to projects in foreign host institutions in over 150 countries. Once abroad, Specialists partner with their host institution to conduct project activities in support of the host institution’s priorities and goals. Dr. Sarkar’s Fulbright fellowship will commence in Fall 2021 and will span three academic years.

Dr. Junfei Xie and Team Receives the Special Track on Networked Computer on the Edge AwardJunfei Xie

Congratulations to Dr. Junfei Xie (assistant professor, SDSU), Baoqian Wang (co-advisor, PhD student, SDSU), Ramiz Hanan, David Pierce Walker-Howell, and Leo Peralta (undergraduate students, SDSU) for winning the award in the student design competition at the 2020 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM 2020).  The competition is targeted for undergraduate students.

The title of their project is "Vision-based Autonomous Driving Robot Capable of Navigating in Unknown and Dynamic Rural Environments". In this project, the students developed a modular, intelligent, and autonomous driving robot that is not only capable of navigating in a known urban environment, but also in an unknown and dynamic rural environment with unpaved roads.. Junfei Xie, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was selected to participate in the Weber Honors College Research Fellow Program for Spring 2022. As a Weber Honors College Fellow, Dr. Xie will support and guide selected honors students at San Diego State University in the development and application of research skills.

Dr. Amir Alimohammad Receives the 2020 National Science Foundation (NSF) AwardAmir Alimohammad

One of the primary motivations of brain-computer interfaces is to restore a full range of movements  for paralyzed patients who are unable to move or communicate through normal neural pathways caused by strokes or chronic diseases. The NSF awards Professor Alimohammad of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to create a transformative brain-implantable processor for drastically relaxing power-hungry wireless neural data transmission through the skull while directly controlling prosthetics in real-time, enabling the rehabilitation of millions of patients. The processor will be tested at the Washington National Primate Research Center at the University of Washington in macaque monkeys.


Dr. Duy H. N. Nguyen Receives Best Paper Award at IEEE ICC 2020 Duy Nguyen

Dr. Duy H. N. Nguyen, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, along with co-authors Dr. Lee Swindlehurst (UC Irvine) and Ly Van Nguyen (a UC Irvine/SDSU joint doctoral student) received the Best Paper Award at IEEE ICC 2020  for their paper on "SVM-based Channel Estimation and Data Detection for Massive MIMO Systems with One-Bit ADCs"

The UC Irvine article states, "The paper describes using a classical method of machine learning, called support vector machines, to target new 5G-and-beyond systems, which employ large arrays of antennas. These arrangements, called massive MIMO – multi-input, multi-output wireless systems – can be costly and use a lot of power, so researchers seek ways to reduce price and power usage without sacrificing performance."

Dr. Andrew Y.J. Szeto Makes Gift to the College of EngineeringAndrew Szeto Gift

The College of Engineering announced that Dr. Andrew Y.J. Szeto has made a $50,000 gift to the Rehabilitative Engineering and Assistive Technology Program at SDSU to support travel, senior design projects, stipends, and etc. in the program. Click here for the full article.

Dr. Andrew Y.J. Szeto is an Emeritus Professor for the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.



Dr. Alimohammad Receives the Northrop Grumman 2019-2020 Excellence in Teaching AwardAmir Alimohammad

Dr. Alimohammad, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was the recipient of the Northrop Grumman 2019-2020 Excellence in Teaching Award for his innovative teaching methodologies and his commitment to present students with state-of-the-art education.



2019 IEEE Power Electronics Emerging Technology AwardChris Mi IEEE Award

Dr. Chunting "Chris" Mi is the recipient of the IEEE Power Electronics Society 2019 IEEE Power Electronics Emerging Technology Award for contributions to wireless power transfer technologies.

Dr. Mi is a Professor and Department Chair for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


2019 Favorite Faculty Member AwardParisa Kaveh CESC Award

Dr. Parisa Kaveh is the recipient of the College of Engineering Student Council (CESC) 2019 Favorite Faculty Member award. CESC is the umbrella student organization for multiple engineering clubs that provide engineering students experiences for their careers. The CESC allows a voice for all students' needs and acts as a liaison between students and the College of Engineering Dean's Office.

Dr. Kaveh is a Lecturer for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

2019 Most Influential Faculty AwardBarry Dorr Awards
Best Faculty 2016-2017 Award

Professor Barry Dorr was awarded the 2019 Most Influential Faculty award in recognition as the most influential faculty member in the academic career of Chenxi Chu (Computer Engineering, 2019 College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate). Professor Dorr was also the recipient of the Associate Engineering Student Council (AESC) Best Faculty 2016-2017 award. AESC is a student organization whose mission is to get students involved, and prepare them for successful careers as professional engineers.

Professor Dorr is a Lecturer for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Dr. Favorite Faculty 2018-2019 AwardParisa Kaveh Fav Teacher

Dr. Parisa Kaveh is the recipient of the Favorite Faculty 2018-2019 award given by the Residential Education Department.

The Favorite Faculty award is a result of the residential students recognizing their Favorite Faculty member.

Chenxi "Henry" ChuBDorr and Chenxi Chu
2019 College of Engineering Outstanding Student

Chenxi "Henry" Chu is the 2019 College of Engineering Outstanding Student. This honor is not only based on Henry's academic performance but it is a culmination of Henry's character, professionalism, integrity, and drive for excellence.

Henry came to the United States from China as a freshman. As a junior, he took Professor Dorr's EE330 Microelectronics class, which the Matlab/SPICE project that semester was the analysis of a multistage guitar amplifier. Henry expressed he wanted to get some practical experience by building and testing the amplifier in the lab. Henry and his team worked in the Senior Design lab, learning and applying the practical skills needed to create a working prototype from a schematic diagram. When they were done, with the help of an excellent guitar-playing student, they demonstrated their amplifier to the class. Throughout the years Henry was often seen working in the Senior Design lab on other projects.

The year before Henry graduated, he again had an opportunity to work with Professor Dorr. That same year, for his English class, Henry was asked to interview a working engineer and prepare a report so he interviewed Professor Dorr. Henry interviewed Professor Dorr at length and when the interview was over, Professor Dorr asked Henry if he could get a copy of the completed report. In the words of Professor Dorr, "I was impressed by his understanding and interpretation of what he had heard. I was also pleased that this young man, who does so well in classes and builds projects to challenge himself, also had a parallel ability to observe the world around him, listen to others, and articulate his observations. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the College of Engineering have chosen to honor a student who not only has an excellent academic record, but is also a soulful young man who will, no doubt, use his academic gifts to move technology and his other equally-important gifts to help mankind."

2019 BigData Hackathon Winners! Hackathon 2019

On March 9 and 16, 2019, SDSU hosted the BigData Hackathon here on campus in Peterson Gym 153. The BigData Hackathon is a free event open to both students and community members from all disciplines. The idea of the hackathon is to bring these people together to work in teams to solve real problems here in San Diego.

We are proud to announce, the first-place winners in the "Aging Independently" category of this year's hackathon were our own  students from both the Computer and Electrical Engineering programs, team F.A.M.E - Find And Manage Elderly. F.A.M.E received a prize award of $500 sponsored by SDSU ZIP Launchpad. Their project was to predict daily activities of an Alzheimer patient using a machine learning algorithm. This algorithm sends a text message to the patient about their next activity in order to remind them of the daily things they need to be doing. F.A.M.E's team members were Omar Aljedani (undergrad-EE), Kinjal Gala (grad-EE), Gurami Keretchashvili (undergrad-CompE), Nika Nizharadze (undergrad-CompE), and Saipriyati Singh (grad-EE).

For more information on the BigData Hackathon, please visit these sites:

2018 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Prize Letter AwardChris Mi Letter Award

Dr. Chunting "Chris" Mi is the recipient of the IEEE Power Electronics Society 2018 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Prize  Letter Award for the paper entitled "A Two-Plate Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle Charging Applications," co-authored by Drs. Fei Lu and Hua Zhang, published in the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol. 33, no.2, pp. 964-969.

Donald G. Wilson Scholarship Awards $60,000Donald G. Wilson Scholarship

The College of Engineering announced that the Donald G. Wilson scholarship has awarded a total of $60,000 for the 2018-  2019 school year.

Creating Alternative Communication HighwaysSweta Sarkar

Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar is a Researcher, Professor, and MSEE Graduate Advisor for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


2nd Place Award - IEEE Power Electronics SocietyFei Lu-Hua Zhang

Drs. Fei Lu and Hua Zhang - Project Demonstration on Emerging Technology Award: "Long Distance Capacitive Power Transfer with one Pair of Metal Plates"

Computer Engineering rated No. 86 in 2017 U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Graduate Schools

Our Computer Engineering program was recognized in the 2017 U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Graduate Schools and ranked No. 86.


Innovation Center

Innovation center

Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad

  • Apply to the $50K Zahn Challenge for SDSU students, faculty and staff with an idea for a commercial enterprise, social enterprise or project resulting in a social impact.
  • The Zahn Innovation Center is a commercial and social incubator that supports San Diego State University innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs—students, faculty and staff from any major or department on campus—as they transform their ideas into companies.
  • Zahn Innovation center at San Diego State University College of Engineering is an incubator that support students, faculty and staff as they transform their ideas into products and companies.



2022 Engineering Design Day

For an in depth look at the senior design projects, please visit our Design Day 2021 site.

  • The San Diego State University senior engineering Design Day presents a collection of projects from graduating seniors.
  • The San Diego State University College of Engineering will host its annual Design Day on May 4, 2022 from 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm at Montezuma Hall in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union building. To view the 2021 Design Day projects click here.
  • The event will feature project demonstrations from graduating seniors in the engineering program, as part of a capstone design class.
  • Design Day exhibits a collection of projects from graduating seniors from Electrical and Computer engineering majors. This event is well attended by representatives from local industry, parents and faculty from other departments.
  • Please continue to check our Engineering Design Day website for further information and this site also lists all of our past Design Day events.